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Data access user guide
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  Changing territory of interest
  Changing territory of interest with selection page
  Changing territory of interest using data section links
Change chosen table...
  Changing selected table with control panel
  Changing selected table using the selection page
  Changing selected table using data section links and zoom icon

Control panel

The page for browsing and accessing data can ideally be divided into two parts:

  • the control panel, through which the territorial context of interest, the chosen statistical table and the data visualisation format are specified;

  • the data section, showing the statistical table with some links for further refinement of current selection.

The figure shows the control panel

Il pannello di controllo

The upper part of control panel allows to modify the current territorial selection: territorial area and detail, i.e. the territorial context of interest.

In the right side it is possible to choose the data visualisation format ad if visualising or not the Istat's territorial unit codes (particularly useful to extract, compare and merge our tabular data with data coming from other Istat's surveys). As far as the data visualisation format is concerned, it is possible to choose how to separate the numbers.

Finally, the lower part is for choosing the statistical table. The tables available for the current territorial context are listed and the current table is highlighted by a small cross.