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DaWinci: the Data Warehouse   (To access the Data Warehouse choose Data access)

DaWinci is a "Data Warehouse" and is accessible through many "dimensions". The inspiring idea of the system is that there is no privileged point of view or better way of accessing information: the user can browse tables without predefined access paths, independently chosing data type and level of detail. As every Data Warehouse, it possible to increase level of detail, and so get fine grained information, or to decrease it, and so get general information. It is also possible to access different information having the same level of detail: the link is always one click away.

Data can be browsed according to their territorial level and to the type of table. It is possible to increase or decrease the territorial level (from geographical areas to municipalities and viceversa), while it is always possible to shift from one type of table to another by clicking on a table number. The two options, territory and type of table are correlated: for example, by choosing a province, it is possible to visualise all tables available at the provincial level of detail while by choosing a type of table all the levels of territorial detail for which the table is available can be chosen.

An interactive cartography system has also been developed, which allows to visualise thematic maps of some tables. It can be accessed by simply clicking the small icon in the table. (1, 2, 5a e 9).

A user guide which explains the browsing mechnaism is always available. A glossary of the most important statistical terms used in the tables is also on line. Users can download data tables (Download area)